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carlos V
Castilla y León es vida. Información Turística: 902 20 30 30
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Agüera, Ruta de Carlos V

Puente Romano. Click here to render a high resolution image. This link opens in a popup window The Ruta de Carlos V through Castilla y León begins in the town of Agüera, in the province of Burgos, located on the slope of the Cordillera Cantábrica.

The emperor arrived here on October 8th, 1556, coming from Laredo, after lunch time. Agüera belongs to Merindad de Montija, in the north of the province of Burgos. Today, it is a small town with a very well preserved Roman legacy. A stretch of a Roman road evidences that one of the roadways that led to the North of the peninsula crossed through this land.

The town, surrounded by a wonderful landscape fit for trekking, has a standing Roman round arch bridge.