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Area Turística del Vino Tinto (Ribera del Duero)

High plateaux with vineyards. Denomination of Origin Ribera del Duero. Riverside vegetation.

Área Turística del Vino Tinto (Ribera del Duero)

Plaza del Coso, Peñafiel. Click here to render a high resolution image. This link opens in a popup window This is the most famous winemaking area in the region. The municipality of Peñafiel features a number of wine cellars surrounded by vineyards amongst important monuments. The most interesting castles are the ones at Curiel and Peñafiel. The Peñafiel castle houses the Museo Provincial del Vino (Provincial Wine Museum). Also interesting are the Monasterio de Santa María de Valbuena (in San Bernardo, the permanent headquarters of the Edades del Hombre) and the Monasterio de Santa María de Retuerta, in Sardón de Duero, today part of a winemaking operation, although it welcomes visitors. Pesquera de Duero, Quintanilla de Onésimo, Quintanilla de Arriba, Olivares, Valbuena de Duero and Tudela de Duero are other interesting towns located alongside of the river Duero.

Tourist information

Located to the east of Valladolid, follow in the river Duero to the border with the province of Burgos.
Chopsteaks, roast suckling-lamb, asparragus, pies, strawberries and Ribera del Duero wine.
Wooden furniture, wooden artifacts, pottery, jewellery, musical instruments.